As in any field of endeavour, the marketplace is awash with offers of expertise in this or that area. It seems that in today’s world, the creative platform for any sales approach is built on a foundation of he who shouts the loudest and promotes himself as a “specialist” and “a professional” and tells his or her potential client or consumer what he or she wishes to hear should be the winner and be favoured with that client’s business.

Of course there are many well intentioned law practitioners and immigration consultants (and perhaps some not so well intentioned) making their cases for being “experts” and promising success for their clients.

Lawyers, in general practice, are authorized to handle immigration matters.
They are also empowered to defend criminals, fight traffic violations, sue for nonpayment of debts or slip and fall accidents, make wills and testaments and choreograph closet skeletons in divorce court.

If (and we hope this doesn’t happen) you should break a leg, you would want to be seen by an orthopaedic surgeon rather than a podiatrist. If you’re pregnant (congratulations if you are) it’s highly unlikely that a proctologist would be of any use to you. At Dante Jacobson & Associates Inc. we deal with immigration matters. 100% and 24/7 if necessary.

We do it with knowledge, experience, compassion and the realization that each case goes far beyond the boundaries of business and, in fact, personifies lives, hopes and futures for our clients.

The firm Dante Jacobson & Associates Inc., under the direction of Gianfranca Tucci, a professional licensed immigration consultant and Commissioner of Oaths in Ontario, brings over twenty years of immigration experience to each and every case.

Ms. Tucci, a former Canada Citizenship and Immigration government official, and a certified immigration consultant, Commissioner of Oaths for Ontario and is a member of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) is responsible for bringing many many cases to a successful outcome.

Mrs. Tucci is a certified immigration consultant, Commissioner of Oaths for Ontario and is a member of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC).

She and her team of professionals are called upon as key case consultants and referred by lawyers, private and public sector clients, organizations, religious groups and professional associations. But most are people who arrive on the recommendation of another satisfied client. These are the recommendations which are most flattering and inspirations for Gianfranca and her team.

The cornerstones on which Dante Jacobson & Associates has been built can best be encapsulated in the premises of respect for others, a personal involvement in each client’s case – clients, many of whom have become close friends as a result of having shared important life experiences with the firm – and a tenacity to achieve success in each case based on legal tenets, knowledge, experience and an unflinching determination to win.

Whatever be your situation, at Dante Jacobson & Associates Inc. the word “problem” simply does not exist in any of the various languages spoken in our office.

There exist only opportunities waiting to be resolved and enjoyed.
Your cases will be treated with respect, dignity and confidentiality.
The next step then is yours.

Please contact us and give us the opportunity to take those first steps toward
extending to you a warm “Welcome to Canada!”